Clublog’s Online QSL Request System

Our QSL policy Please don’t send paper QSL in any way to OL1C. All QSOs are confirmed via LOTW and uploaded to Clublog. LOG is uploaded after its output checkout with delay. We will be happy to send you paper QSL. If you are interested in paper QSL, use Clublog’s excellent OQRS to request your Direct or Bureau QSLs to OL1C. You can do this even if you don’t have a Clublog account.

If you need to verify QSO with OL1C, go to Clublog.org and select LogSearch. Compare the OL1C LOG with your CALL. As a result, you will return a listing of all QSOs between the OL1C and your CALL. Then select „request QSL“. In the following table, select for which QSO you want paper QSL, Direct or via Bureau. Bureau way is free of charge, Direct QSLs are charged a small fee. Pay fee to our Paypal account. QSLs will be sent to the address you enter in the form or you can write your shipping address via the email below.

It’s so much easier, faster and cheaper.

You can contact us about QSL cards by email :

Team OL1C